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We're Dedicated and Committed to Help Make Our World a Cleaner Place!

Shirley Stone, CEO/President EMC

Through the widespread practice of reusing and recycling, the pollution and depletion of life sustaining resources can be stopped or at the very least reduced.

Because the rejuvenating process in nature takes a very very long time, the urgency to create awareness about the benefits of reusing and recycling, is not to be underestimated.

There is no argument that if on a regular basis society's practice of recycling plastics was a matter of widespread practice, the rate of environmental damage caused by pollution will drop significantly.

Through our program, Project-2 Go Green, we hope to motivate and inspire widespread participation to create a no-waste society, whereby using reusable recyclable shopping bags has become the norm.  It takes conscious effort to remember to take a resuable recyclable bags with us everytime we go shopping or to transport materials.  Using the bags can serve as a reminder to reuse and recycle other materials as well. 

Using the right reusable shopping bags is just one way to reduce pollution and waste, because the bags can be made into new bags over and over again when no longer useful. limiting the need of water and raw meterials.

Recycled plastic is currently the most sustainable material in our society today.

It is estimated that somewhere between 500 billion to one trillion single-use disposable plastic bags are consumed each year world wide. Whether to ban or not ban single-use disposal shopping bags is at the heart of environmental decision making at municipalities world-wide.

Although there are many misconceptions of plastic and the recycling of plastic expounded in the media today, Todd Myers, the environmental director at the Washington Policy Center, stated in "The Wall Street Journal", that ''...skeptics say that science doesn't support the idea that plastic bags do any genuine harm. They also dispute the idea that there are more practical alternatives to the bags out there. All told, they say, plastic bags end up doing less damage than the substitutes people often turn to; and the benefits that the (plastic) bags offer far outweigh their cost.''.

Plastic bags take less energy and resources to recycle than any other type of shopping bags. Recycled plastic leaves the lowest carbon footprint than any other materials recycled.

Unlike imported bags, the reusable recyclable bags we distribute are produced without toxic chemicals and or heavy metals. The bags with print use only water-based inks in a clean food-safe U.S. factory, that has received an ASI certified Superior rating in sanitation.

The bags we distribute are produced with the assurance of both the Environmentally Preferred Rating (EPR, Superior rating) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA, Endorsed Waste Wise Member). The USA manufacturer is dedicated to provide a holistic environmental solution that goes well beyond just making reusable recyclable bags.

Because of the manufacturer's dedication, we are able to provide a solution to the challenge of too much plastic in the environment by committing and supporting green manufacturing and community recycling through the distribution of the right reusable recyclable shopping bags.

Emerald Networkers LLC's Projecct-2 Go Green Program was created to provide the means to stimulate a green economy, whereby the benefits are shared by the masses and our environment.

We are thrilled to be a part of the solution to help save our planet!

Please, take care and join us to make our world a cleaner place.


Shirley Stone


Shirley Stone, Founder/Manager

Emerald Networkers LLC Progect-2 Go Green


    Created by: Bioengineering Group  4/21/2010


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