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"Landfills everywhere are being over-run with "Disposable Plastic Shopping Bags" devastating our natural environment. This devastation has created an urgency for society to refuse to use disposable bags & usethe "right" reusable shopping bags made in USA from recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

Earn income by telling others to get the right bags to

"Help Save Our Planet!!"

Whether you wish to earn income as an individual or business entity, Emerald Networkers LLC d-Right Reusable Bags Store Affiliate Program provides for commissions to be paid on every purchase referred to the dRight Reusable Bag Store featuring only the d-Right Reusable Recyclable Shopping Bags.

Although the Store is open to the public and no sign-up or registration is required to purchase bags, it is necessary to register to become a store affiliate to earn commissions from referral purchases. No fees are required for registration to become an affiliate.

If you are familiar with or is an Emerald Networkers LLC Partnership Member, to earn commissions from the d-Right Reusable Bag Store requires a separate and different registration.

Becoming an Emerald Networkers LLC Partnership Member  does not automatically make you an affiliate for the d-Right Reusable Bag Store, nor does becoming ad-Right Reusable Bag Store Affiliate automatically make you an  Emerald Networkers LLC Partnership Member. Although both programs are part of Project-2 Go Green, they are two different systems providing separate and different ways to generate income, which also have different withdrawal/payment processing and tracking.  For more about our "Emerald Networkers LLC Partnership Membership Program", click here.

To be able to refer people to purchase bags from d-Right Reusable Bag Store, a unique affiliate link will be assigned to you after proper registration. You will need to promote your link to send people to the store and give to people offline to send them online to the store, as well.  When a person clicks on your link to go to the online storeand purchase bags, you will earn (25%) commissions.

EARN 25%


You are paid in real-time, meaning your earnings are instantly deposited to your Paypal account after the transaction is completed. However, if purchase is canceled, commissions will be reversed immediately or when funds are available.

***How do you track my sales and pay me commissions?

Commissions for the d-Right Reusable Bag Store Affiliate Program will be managed and tracked by network management using a most secure affiliate management network . With the help of WP-Affiliate Plugin that provides all the tools you'll need to create an ongoing revenue stream referring the d-Right Reusable Bags to others.

You will be able to login to your affiliate account at any time to see full tracking, clicks, sales, total commissions earned.

Our affiliate tracking system is so sophiscated, if someone comes to our site via your Affiliate link and decides not to buy, but returns within the month and makes a purchase, you will still receive a commission for the sale.

***When will I receive my commission payout?

All affiliates are paid at the time the sale is completed.

***How do I promote the store?

Once registration is complete for the d- Right Reusable Bag Store Affiliate Program, you will receive a personal tracking URL which you can promote. We will provide you with promotional materials and resources. You can promote your URL by any means you know legally. You can use social media or may put a banner or text ad on your website or blog linked with your affiliate URL; use Google Adwords, recommend us to your mailing list or place classifieds ads. Of course these are just a few of the many ways you can promote the program and products. Just remember, the more visitors you send us the more money you will earn. 

The number one priority to earn income online should be the opportunity to earn quickly and easily without any prior experience or know-how. That's exactly what we have provided for you here. However to earn the most income with minimum time and effort, we recommend joining Emerald Networkers LLC Partnership Program.

Here's what you'll receive as our Store Affiliate:

  1. A completely automated system that processes your orders for you and sends your commission portion of the sale direct to your Paypal account in real-time.
  2. A technologically advanced system created so you don't need to know any technical jargon or install scripts or do anything that you're unsure of.
  3. It's all completely done for you and is entirely hands-free!
  4. Everything is taken care of for you and all you need to do is promote your unique Affiliate link.
  5. We handle everything, so you can rest assured that you get your money.
  6. Promo material that makes it as simple as cut and paste.
Wouldn't it be great to get involved in the green movement and have income coming from a simple program requiring little time and effort?

Join, Refer and Earn... It's that easy!

To become a store affilliate, you must first sign up.



    Created by: Bioengineering Group  4/21/2010


You'll Be Supporting a Worthy Cause

Worthwhile Valuable Product Offered

No Website Needed

Home Based

No Selling Necessary

No Experience Needed

No Technical Skills

Free Registration

Low Upgrade & Monthly Fee to Earn

Unlimited Income Potential

10-Tier Perpetual Commissions

Fully Automatic System

Generous Compensation Plan


Register Family/Friends/Entities

Not a Forced Matrix

Not a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme

Not a Money Cycler

Minimum Time Needed

Resources and Tools Provided

References and Downloads to Help Go Green