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Join movement to go green by joining Project-2 Go Green Nework


Emerald Networkers LLC, is a business entity operating as a partnership member network.

The organization was created to generate income for partnership members to stimulate more interest in cleaning our environment.

Project-2 Go Green was created in 2012, as a unique marketing strategy to distribute reusable recyclable shopping bags to the general public.

Stores with BagsTo begin the program, businesses and organizations were approached to purchase advertising space on eco-friendly reusable shopping bags for branding their business, product or service.

This strategy of marketing for businesses, provided over 100,000 bags that were given away, but... that wasn't nearly enough!
Because of the urgency to do more to clean our environment, we believe 
that it is imperative for a lot more people to get involved!

After all, we all have contributed and are still contributing to the devastation caused and being caused by pollution, waste disposal, and depletion of life sustaining resources.  We all individually have contributed to making our environment a really dirty place, and we as a society cannot continue habits that are threatening to all forms of life and the planet.

Now, Project-2 Go Green, managed by  Emerald Networkers LLC, is a program reorganized to educate and stimulate the expansion of green consciousness by providing a way to generate income through individual participation, as well as businesses and other organizations.

Watch video overview.

By becoming an active partnership member with Emerald Networkers LLC, you as an individual, business entity or organization, will be contributing to helping to change society's habits towards going green while earning income.

It takes individual interest and individual effort for group efforts to make the

impact urgently needed for cleaning our environment.

Network Establishedto Invite Individual Participation to Go Green and Earn Income.

Networking, deemed to be, "The Business of the 21st Century", serves as an easy and uncomplicated way to motivate more people to actively get involved in the green movement. Networking also provides the best system for a lot of people to benefit from while benefiting the planet.

Emerald Networkers LLC, is a limited liability partnership consisting of managing partners who administrate the program and limited liability partnership members who support the programs by paying a monthly membership fee, and by soliciting others to get, use and support the distributions and sales of reusable recyclable shopping bags that the partnership provides.

Emerald Networkers' contribution to the green movement focuses mainly on stimulating public interest to stop using and start refusing single-use disposable shopping bags where allowed or not, at this time. Other eco-friendly products will be added at a later date.

The shopping bags being provided are not only reusable, but are made in the USA from recycled materials that do not leak or harbor bacteria, are 100% recylable, and can be recycled into new bags, which therefore could have less chance of ending up in a landfill or littering other parts of the environment.

Income generated from D-Right Reusable Bags Store Affiliate Program and

Emerald Networkers LLC's Revenue Sharing Program Incorporated into

 "Project-2 Go Green"!

Project-2 Go Green's purpose now is to provide motivation and support for individual participation to help "spread the word" about the urgent need to change societal habits of handling all waste.

With the incentive of earning long-term perpetual income by becoming and maintaining an active partnership membership and or becoming a store affiliate, it is our hope that more individuals will be motivated, and maybe even inspired by being able to afford to make green decisions that will benefit the environment and themselves.

To do this, the managing partners have set a goal to distribute millions of our D-Right Reusable Recyclable Shopping Bags through partnership memberships, the sale of bags through our online store, offline sales and by free distributions.

With affiliates and or partnership members' support, the goal will be attained as members and affiliates get and use their bags and "spread the word" to help create a greater impact toward the solution for disposable plastic bags pollution.

The program provides ways for common people to earn extra income quickly first by simply referring others to join the network to support our reusable bag distribution program, to refer others to our online store to purchase bags, and or to participate in other related partner programs recommended to provide multiple streams of residual income.

Because every household should be using the right reusable recyclable shopping bags, every household has at least one potential participant in every community. As more and more of the right bags are used, less disposable and other non-recyclable reusable shopping bags will be used and discarded into the environment.

The Network's mission is accomplished as the distribution and use of

disposable shopping bags have diminished significantly.

By working together, we will be:
     (a) providing an eco-economical alternative that will reduce plastic bag waste in our landfills;
     (b) encouraging a wider consciousness of reusing and recycling as an urgent need and way of life;
     (c) providing opportunities to improve personal economy to make it easier to go green; and
     (d) stimulating a green economy, making it easier to create lifestyles of being green as society's norm.

Joining is Free!

It is not necessary to sell bags or become a partnership member to take part in our green movement!

Just obtaining the bags for your own personal use is sufficient without becoming a member.  Just by limiting your use of the disposable shopping bags will help in addition to your efforts to save energy, using natural resources wisely, and by cutting back from conventional waste disposal by recycling and reusing to reduce garbage deposited in landfills.

You can join our network free and check out what we have to offer in the member area.  We also have lots of information and resources about going green on our blog.

To earn income,  you have a choice to either register free as an Affiliate

for Our Online Store, become a Partnership Member, or do both.

Everyone joins the network free, at which time you would create a unique user name for which a personal tracking URL will be assigned allowing access to the network member area.

The network member area provides resources and tips for going green and companion teachings supporting "the course teachings" for mind transformation, free ebooks and referral tools to help those who want to earn substantial income by promoting our programs or any other.

If you decide to upgrade to a parnership member, a monthly membership fee is required, and you would use the same personal tracking URL originally assigned as a free member in the network to refer partnership members.

Free members are allowed to refer members to the network whether as free or partnership members.  In fact, as a free member, you could have referrals register with you as their sponsor and encourage them to get their referrals, too, before you actually pay to upgrade.  After you have attained the number of referrals to support paying your membership every month, then upgrade. However, when you do this, you could jeporadize losing your earnings from those referral(s) if you fail to upgrade within the thirty (30) days of their upgrade.

NO commissions are paid to free members... even if new 

partnership members  join from free members' tracking URL!


Registering to be a Store Affiliate does not require

registering to join the network!

Partnership Members who desire to refer purchasers to our D-Right Reusable Shopping Bag store to earn commissions, will need to sign-up as an affiliate and receive a different or separate personal URL to track referral purchases.

** Store Affiliates, that are not already registered as a partnership member, will need to register to join the network to receive a different tracking URL to gain access to the network member area and upgrade.
Store Affiliates, whether a Free Network Member or a Partnership Member, 
earn commissions for every purchase that originated from the personal tracking URL assigned for the online D-Right Reusable Bag Store. This is a one time commission paid instantly in real time for each purchase on two tiers... even repeat purchases made in the future.
To learn more about or join our D-Right Reusable Bag Store Affiliate Program.... click here.

$50 Monthly Fee is Required for Partnership Members!

Registering to join the network as a free member and then upgrading by

paying the $50 monthly partnership membership fee is all

that is necessary to become and remain a Partnership Member!

As stated above, Partnership Members may become an affiliate store member to earn commissions from bag purchases from our D-Right Reusable Bag Online Store.Although partnership members referral fees are paid monthly, all store affiliates are paid instantly after each sale is completed.

Emerald Networkers LLC's Project-2 Go Green revenue sharing program provides a simple business model that is not multi-level marketing, but multi-level sharing within the partnership.  The program is designed so that each partnership member can earn just by referring others to the partnership program.

As part of our distribution efforts, every new member gets a set of reusable shopping bags to use or give away. Although not necessary, partnership members are also encouraged to provide bags to be distributed at trade shows, festivals and other social gatherings where allowed, as well as use the bags for fundraising.

Out of the $50... $15 of the monthly partnership membership fee is designated for new bag purchases, adminstrative and operating purposes. The remaining $35 of each partnership membership fee is allocated to pay $15 from direct referrals and $5-$1 from indirect referrals assigned to each nine (9) levels in your community as commissions or referral fees. (See compensation plan)

As with any business that sells products by salespeople, commissions are paid on production.  This program provides the same model.

For every person that joins and upgrades to becomes an active partnership member, a separate community is created, which houses members on ten levels. Each individual partnership member is the head of his own community which creates communities within communities providing income for each other.

A  level is a tier, position or row of the community. Every partnership member direct referrals are placed on the first level. The member referrals generated by them and their referrals create your second, through tenth levels.  You will earn from your tenth level partnership members, but you will not earn from their member referrals, which would actually be your eleventh level if we provided an eleventh level, which we do not.

Each partnership member may acquire as many direct referrals needed to help generate the income desired and is paid $15 for each direct referral and $5 or other designated amounts for their referrals and their referrals' referrals on the remaining levels. This means that you will earn commissions from every member positioned on all of your community levels, one thru ten every month giving you continous passive income without you having to do anything else.

To remain active, the partnership member fee must be paid every month without exception. As a partnership member, it should be understood that paying the membership fee every month is the responsibility of each and every partnership member, which legally is denoted a  partner with limited liabilities and income source.

This is how the business is maintained making commissions perpetual. Membership fees generate the support needed to fund the program, which in turn provides a source of income to be shared with partnership members.

This means, for example, that if you never refer anyone after let's say... your second member referral, and depending on if your direct and indirect referrals do the same in your community, you should earn enough to pay each month's membership fee from your earnings and have the remaining income deposited to your account with Paypal.  Yes, you will need to establish a Paypal account, if you do not already have one.

Income generated for partnership members does not include the sale of bags or any other products by managing partners or other partnership members in or outside your communty and affiliates.

When joining our programs, it should be understood that, although this is a partnership network that sells and disributes reusable shopping bags, the sales by managing partners are NOT shared income that would be distributed to partnership members. Outside of being paid after expenses for administration of the network, managing partners earn income the same as partnership members.

Bags are Provided for Every Partnership Member.

As stated previously, each partnership member will be given reusable bags as part of our distribution efforts. After upgrading, Partnership members will be sent four (4) 3.5 mil printed reusable recyclable bags for personal use. Partnership members can also request additional bags up to 25, FREE with paid postage and or purchase additional or larger quantities of bags at a discount to sell and earn additional income or use to give away to solicit new referrals.

Referring at least two will be most beneficial for you!

There's nothing magical or mysterious about how income is generated, it's simply that from the $35 that is left after the admin fees of $15... $15 will be paid for direct referrals and $5-$1 for indirect referrals on the remaining nine tiers.

After just two referrals, you can continue to refer more or not and still earn every month if active.


We have made it very easy to refer partnership memberships. The direct and indirect referrals always remain with the original referrer remaining active creating residual passive income paid each month. (See compensation plan)

Family members, friends, associates, and or your favorite organization or business can be brought in to earn income however, the program will not work for you or them, if there are no additional partnership member referrals, whether new or not.

You may cancel your partnership membership at anytime. After cancellation, you will be paid the commissions earned the month of being active. No other commission payments will be paid after cancellation!

Also, by becoming a partnership member, you agree that you understand that participation and the success of the program for all partnership members, is to remain active by timely submitting the monthly partnership membership fee. Once paid, there are no refunds.  The fee can be setup to be paid automatically from earnings.  You also agree that you understand that your earnings are generated from your personal effort, the efforts of your referrals and their referrals in your community.   No entitlement to additional income is being inferred or offered as having any other interest in the partnership.

Keep in mind that this is a networking business which requires everyone to contribute.  Everyone must contribute first by paying the partnership membership fee and then refer partnership memberships to give bags to and earn income outside of being an affiliate.

We trust that you would not join if referring at least TWO (2), whether a person, a business, an organization or a combincation of either, cannot be attained.

It makes sense to stay active, especially since after the initial payment of your partnership membership fee, no other out-of-pocket expense should be necessary to remain a partnership member with just two referrals by you and your community members.  After all, you would be participating in the green movement in a way that could make a big difference for the environment and yourself.

Just do the math... $50 a month and two referrals by you and your referrals and their referrals' referrals up to ten levels has the potential earnings of $2186 a month without doing anything else. We can't guarantee that amount because it depends on you and your community effort; however, the math shows that it is very possible and a lot more.

To earn income with Emerald Networkers, LLC's Project-2 Go Green Revenue Sharing Programs, you:
 •  do not need to complete tasks like.. click on ads or complete offers,
 •  do not need to learn new skills,
 •  do not need a website,
 •  do not need to stock product,
 •  will be provided with tools to help sponsor if needed,
 •  will be allowed to benefactor; i.e. pay-it-forward for leveraging or to help another                 (restrictions apply)
 •  can use same computer at residence or other place, to register family members and friends 
 •  can sell bags as an affiliate for additional income, paid instantly after each paid order
 •  can order additional bags at a substantial discount for personal use, to sell or to give away, sponsor
unlimited number of partnership memberships. (TOS)

This program is like non-other in that marketing may not be necessary if your friends, associates and or some family members join you....  Why not?

Aren't they affected by the pollution, too?  Couldn't they benefit from using our bags while earning extra income?

After you register as a partnership member and or a store affiliate, you will receive your personal URL links in a matter of minutes. Then all you do is share your links or just your user name as their sponsor or referer.  (See FAQs)

That's it!  This is a simple program to earn easy income. Nothing more for you to do after acquiring your referrals, except routinely logging into your member area to view your community activity and request your monthly commissions withdrawal.  However, it would be really great for you to give some bags away, which would be a greater benefit for you, as well.

Truly, all you need to do is help "spread the word" and we'll take care of everything else.  We  acquire and ship the bags, and  provide the resources and referral tools to help you reach your financial goals to go green.

You Have Discovered a Bona-fide Easy Way To Prosper & Help Clean Our Planet!

Join Emerald Networkers LLC Project-2 Go Green Revenue Sharing Program.

Join Emerald Networkers


    Created by: Bioengineering Group  4/21/2010


You'll Be Supporting a Worthy Cause

Worthwhile Valuable Product Offered

No Website Needed

Home Based

No Selling Necessary

No Experience Needed

No Technical Skills

Free Registration

Low Upgrade & Monthly Fee to Earn

Unlimited Income Potential

10-Tier Perpetual Commissions

Fully Automatic System

Generous Compensation Plan


Register Family/Friends/Entities

Not a Forced Matrix

Not a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme

Not a Money Cycler

Minimum Time Needed

Resources and Tools Provided

References and Downloads to Help Go Green