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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We have no limitations from using the same ip address.

Must be of legal age or represented by a person of legal age. This means that under 18-year-olds can be participate with a written approval of a legal guardian or parent.

No, that is not true!  It does not matter when you join this program. Your effort and your community tier members' effort determines your income.

Commissions when earned are paid monthly, beginning after first 30 days of earnings above monthly membership fee. After upgrading your membership, you'll receive a personal tracking URL (link) to identify you as the sponsor. You can begin using your link immediately to recruit family, friends and others.

Your income potential is determined by the number of direct and indirect recruitments acquired on all ten (10) tiers (levels). There is no limit to the number of members anyone can recruit after the first two.  However, the amount that can actually be earned depends on the number of members recruited by you and your community of tier partnership members.  They will increase as recruits join your community directly from you and your community partners.

Since it is required that each partnership member recruit two (2) new partnership members, and IF or when ALL ten (10) tiers have the minimum required recruits, then it can be determined that $2186.00 will be earned.  However, we cannot guarantee any specific amounts.

Income can be generated each and every month of active membership once recruits are acquired on tiers. As your partnership membership remain active, so does your community. 

$50 monthly to stay active to continue to receive from community tier members.  After the initial membership fee of $50 is paid, all future membership fees can be deducted from receipts accrued during each month before disbursing balance to member. Or subscription payments can be setup through your Paypa account.l 

No other direct payment for monthly fee will be requested within the first 90 days until receipts are sufficient to cover the membership fee and more.   This means that when no membership fee can be paid for the month from receipts within the first 90 days, there will be no receipts disbursed as well. NO AMOUNT!

All ten tiers do not have to be filled to receive, however communitites are first established from direct recruits.  The more recruits directly, the faster the accumulation of receipts.  Consider for example directly recruiting 10 for the first tier placement.  Just with your recruits of 10, your receipts would be $150.  $50 would be deducted for membership fee and balance of $100 will be received by you every month thereafter just from your direct recruits.  However, your recruits are required to recruit as well as their recruits, and so on to the 10th tier which automatically will increase your receipts.

Unpaid membership fees will not be retroactive once neccessary receipts are acquired.  And any receipts acquired without having paid membership fee will be forfeited each month until membership fee are paid each month.

Remember, program setup to distribute reusable shopping bags.  We sell the bags, but most are given away and acquired for partnership members. Membership fees support the acquisition of bags that are promoted and distributed.

Everyone joins as a free member in the network first, giving access to the member area and can invite others to join. However, free members (as free implies) do not earn income from recruits until after upgrading to partnership member (working Partner).

No, this is not a forced-matrix program. Forced-matrix programs are set up for a specific number of member sign-ups per tier level. When a member's matrix is filled on a tier level, the additional referral sign-ups are placed on the next tier under the tier member with an open position until the matrix is filled with the set number of members for each tier.

As a partnership member in this program, you and your community members are able to recruit an unlimited number of members. All direct recruitments are placed on first tier of community.  There are no spillovers, however partnership members are allowed more than one community.  This means that partnership members are allowed to establish more than one community by adhering to the agreement which pertains to each community separately.

NO, absolutely not!  This is a "for-profit" membership revenue sharing from which income is generated from the sale and  distribution of reusable recyclable shopping bags in and outside of our partnership network and recruits.

The network provides for the bags to be sold by affiliate referrals, partnership member, and or by admisitration's marketing efforts. Affiliates are paid commissions from direct referral purchases, deemed the first tier sales and the second tier sales from indirect referral purchases from affiliates who signed up from an affiliate personal tracking URL store link.   Affilates are not required to become a member of the network, however free and partnership members can become an affiliate  to earn directly from sales of the bags.  Members are not required to sell bags or make purchases.

Active partnership members can also purchase bags at a substantial discount  to sell for additional income or to give away to recruit new members.

Partnership members share the net proceeds collected from partnertship membership fees paid for a partnership member community of 10 tiers.  A community of 10 tiers is created for each partnership member.  Partnership members are required to sign a partnership agreement which states in summary that along with the monthly membership fee, partnership member agrees to recruit  a minimum of 2 members into community and it is understood that out of the monthly membership fee paid, 30% will be used for administration and maintainenance of the network with the remaining 70% will be given to specific partnership members active within the community joined. The plan allocates amounts designated for each tier to be paid the partnership members in their respective community.

This is an equal opportunity organization whereby every partnership member have the same opportunity as all others.  Everyone must pay the monthly membership fees  and everyone must recruit 2 to set a position to receive from the community residing in.  There are no other requirements, except as contained in the partnership agreement.

Our payment structure does not form a pyrimid, but a network that expands horizontally and vertically creating each partnership member with a community networked with many others.

Emerald Networkers LLC was created as a networking partnership whose purpose is to stimulate a sustainable system of giving and receiving through learning and sharing supported by the selling and distribution of eco-friendly bags made in the US.   The bags are sold and distributed under our brand name, " Project-2 Go Green D-Right Reusable Shopping Bags".  Within the partnership are free members and paid members, aka working partners or partnership members.

The bags serve to establish a support system for producing less trash in the environment by encouraging more people to stop or limit the use of disposable shopping bags.  Reusable shopping bags are distributed to partnership members free and are sold to general public, given away at special events and to organizations... generally for fundraising.

Yes! You are responsible for any and all federal and state taxes owed from receipts received from the program.  If not provided at the time of signing up to participate in our programs, your social security number or tax ID will be required after total receipts of $600.  In compliance with the law, no request for withdrawals will be processed until your social security or a tax identity is provided for receipts above the $600.

Any personal information that you provide to particpate in our programs are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold.

No!  There are no withdrawal fees.

Withdrawals can be requested for receipts accumulated beginning the 5th of each month through the 15th.  No disbusements will be made after the 15th of each month.

Membership fees are not handled as monthly subscriptions and are not automatically deducted from receipts accumulated after each month's cycle unless subscription for membership fee is setup through your paypal account.  

If partnership membership fee for any monthly cycle is not paid within monthly cycle, all receipts will be forfeited.  This should only happen during the first couple of months. However, it is recommended that membership be withdrawn if required referrals are not obtained within 90 days of upgrading to partnership member.

Affiliates are paid instantly to the designated Paypal account after each successful purchase from our reusable bag online store.

$5.  However,  your membership fee will have to be paid first and then the remaining amount will be disbursed to you; unless you cancel.

You can login and click "withdraw" from your member's area.

Affiliates and partnership members will be paid through Paypal.  A Paypal account is required to pay the monthly network membership fee and to receive all commission payments.  No checks will be disbursed.

No! Refunds are not available for membership fees.  Once membership is paid it is disbursed to the your upper tier partners and administration.

It cost nothing to join the network and cost nothing to become a store affiliate to earn income from referral purchases. However, to upgrade to become a partnership member should be a one time out of pocket fee of $50 and $50 monthly from receipts once accumulated within month (30 days).

The business is a registered limited liablilty partnership company paying affiliate commissions and sharing  revenue with partnership members. Everyone participating in the network partnership is for only liable for personal performance, not anyone else's or the partnership. 

Yes.  However, to get the most out of the membership to earn the income desired, recruiting new partnership members will be necessary for ALL members.  Just be certain that the person you're helping is willing to help themselves as well.  This simply means that there is little benefit to anyone who joins and does not sponsor the required two recruits who also upgrade to a partnership member and recruit, unless done for them.   

YES, YOU CAN! All you need to do is establish a new or different user account, upgrade to partnership member, and stay active every month.  However, there are disadvantages to having more than one account depending on your motivation. 

First, with any additional partnership membership, you will have multiple partnership membership fees to pay each month.

Secondly, you will have to refer additional members who upgrade to a partnership member for you to earn commissions under your additional referrer(s). 

Third, your already established community that's been following you month after month under your original referrer, may or may not follow you under any additional referrals.  Those community tier members who choose to follow you under any additional referrers, would have to establish another partnership membership under you and like you, they will have to referr additional partnership members to earn commissions from any additional community.

Outside the desire to help others, setting up multiple communities may not be advantageous or wise. it would be more beneficial just to pay it forward for a direct referral position in your original commnunity where no additional membership fee will be required. Keep in mind that the opportunity exist to refer as many partnership members as you desire, having just one community account.

Nevertheless, it could be done.  It would be your decision.


    Created by: Bioengineering Group  4/21/2010


You'll Be Supporting a Worthy Cause

Worthwhile Valuable Product Offered

No Website Needed

Home Based

No Selling Necessary

No Experience Needed

No Technical Skills

Free Registration

Low Upgrade & Monthly Fee to Earn

Unlimited Income Potential

10-Tier Perpetual Commissions

Fully Automatic System

Generous Compensation Plan


Register Family/Friends/Entities

Not a Forced Matrix

Not a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme

Not a Money Cycler

Minimum Time Needed

Resources and Tools Provided

References and Downloads to Help Go Green