Free member: 0 VIP member: 4 Total paid out: USD 66.00

Revenue Sharing VIP Member Compensation

After Registering... All Members Have Access to Member Area.

However to earn income, free members must choose to become an Affiliate member to sell our bags, and or upgrade to Partnership Member.

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Partnership Member Agreement


Keep in mind that this is a business operating as a limited liability partnership.  It was created to increase sales of reusable recyclable shopping bags by network marketing.  Commissions are paid on sales and membership recruits to stimulate more interest and activity for helping to decrease disposable plastic bags waste in the environment..  We do this by educating and providing 100% reusable recyclable shopping bags for people to use.  

Distribution or the sale of bags begins with every person or entity that joins organization and upgrades.

All Parnership members recieve free bags to use, sell or give way.

To upgrade, earn commissions and benefit from other network programs , a partnership membership fee of $50 is required monthly.

Membership fees help support the program which provides for the acqusition, distribution and sale of reusable shopping bags... which in turn generates income for partnership members.  Every recruitral that joins and upgrades paying the partnership membership fee of $50, becomes a "limited liability"  working partner of Emerald Networkers LLC and a member of his/her recruitrer's community.

What this means is that all partnership members will be paid only from direct recruits and their recruits up to ten (10) tiers or levels. Partnership members are not liable for company in any way, but will be liable for his or her own personal activity within the partnership.  (See TOS)

Paying the  $50 monthly membership fee maintains active membership.

Once partnership member has earned enough commissions from direct and or indirect recruits, the membership fee would not have to be paid out of pocket again. 

Members of every community will automatically follow their recruitrers every month creating a passive perpetual cash flow for everyone.  As with any networking program, the more recruits... the more bags are sold, given away and commissions earned.

The following chart shows potential compensations for Partnership Member recruits based on every tier members recruitring a minimum of two (2) members who upgrade to a Partnership Member.  Once number of direct and or indirect recruits have been acquired to generate the income desired,  you can be assured that you will earn the following income every 30 days, by maintaining active partnership membership.  However, even if membership is active, with no personal or direct recruits, no commissions can be earned. 

Charts Showing the Potential Receiptss for Minimum Number of Recommended Community Recruits:

            YOU recruit 2 / TIER MEMBERS recruit 2 EACH                          








$    30


$  5


$    20


$  5


$    40


$  3


$    48


$  2


$    64


$  1


        $    64


         $  1               128         $  128


         $  1               256         $  256


         $  1               512         $  512


         $  1             1024         $1024






        ***Any additional recruits by you and or any member of your community will increase

          your receipts by the dollar amount for level where new partnership member is positioned.  

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    Created by: Bioengineering Group  4/21/2010


You'll Be Supporting a Worthy Cause

Worthwhile Valuable Product Offered

No Website Needed

Home Based

No Selling Necessary

No Experience Needed

No Technical Skills

Free Registration

Low Upgrade & Monthly Fee to Earn

Unlimited Income Potential

10-Tier Perpetual Commissions

Fully Automatic System

Generous Compensation Plan


Register Family/Friends/Entities

Not a Forced Matrix

Not a Ponzi or Pyramid Scheme

Not a Money Cycler

Minimum Time Needed

Resources and Tools Provided

References and Downloads to Help Go Green