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Our participation in the green movement provides solutions to minimize and decrease the distribution and use of single-use disposable plastic shopping bags by distributing “the Right Reusable Recyclable” shopping bags to the general public!

The Green Movement is a collective action aimed at decreasing the harmful effects of waste and pollution in the environment by educating, informing, encouraging and motivating others to help.

The green movement incorporates a lifestyle that…  We Offer the Real Reusable Recyclable Bags

•   reduces consumption and waste
•   conserves energy
•   conserves resources
•   sustains environmental resources
•   reduces pollution

The movement also incorporates the using of alternative energy sources that emit the least amount of pollutants back into the land, water and air, and by providing programs to help replenish and sustain natural resources that have been consumed. It incorporates the changing of societal habits to minimize and prevent the harm that could be done to the environment such as the distribution and use of single-use disposable shopping bags and other shopping bags not recyclable.

Our green movement simply provides a solution to minimize and decrease the distribution and use of single-use disposable plastic shopping bags by providing the right bags and program to give away bags to raise awareness and motivate the use of the right reusable recyclable bags.

Watch the short video below to see the impact using and supporting the distribution of these bags will make.


Welcome to Project-2 Go Green Network & Revenue Sharing Program!

Imagine the opportunity of being able to participate in the green movement by using a type of product which virtually everyone who shops can use and that readily benefits the environment… an opportunity that provides a way for people to save and earn money on the same product that if they are not already using, they should be!

By joining our green movement, you will be able to fulfill an enormous demand and urgent need that allows you to do more than separate plastic to help clean and sustain our environment, but by also refusing to accept and use single-use disposable plastic shopping bags and or other bags labeled “reusable”, but may not be recyclable.

Whether you are already reducing, reusing and recycling or not, do you want to make a greater impact… to do more to help save our planet and improve your lifestyle while doing so?

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter if you want to make an impact or a greater impact on the environment or whether you are just interested in improving your personal finances and time, Project-2 Go Green’s program offer you the opportunity to help clean and sustain the environment and earn income from doing so… at the same time, with minimum time, effort and financial resource.  Of course,  getting and using the right reusable recyclable bags is all that’s needed to help.

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